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In the digital era, technology has transitioned from a privilege to a necessity, penetrating daily life and profoundly impacting education. Gaming, once solely utilized for recreational purposes, has evolved into a tool for engagement and motivation. The integration of gaming principles into learning, termed "gamification," has gained traction as a strategy to sustain student interest and foster enjoyment in educational contexts. Gamification leverages game mechanics to enhance user engagement, offering incentives and educational content to combat disengagement. Its applications span diverse sectors, including education, health, and entertainment. However, despite its promise, gamification's efficacy remains nuanced and context-dependent. While some studies advocate its potential to motivate learners and foster collaboration, others emphasize the need for further empirical investigation to substantiate its long-term benefits. The rapid adoption of online learning during the pandemic underscored the importance of innovative approaches to combat short attention spans, necessitating strategies like gamification to integrate technology seamlessly into education. Notably, gamification aligns with active learning principles, promoting participation and deep understanding through game-like interactions. Nevertheless, empirical evidence remains mixed, with studies highlighting variability in outcomes and the need for comprehensive guidelines to inform implementation strategies. This paper synthesizes existing research to caution against viewing gamification as a universal solution while advocating for interdisciplinary collaboration, evidence-based guidelines, and continued academic inquiry to elucidate its potential and limitations in educational contexts.

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education, gaming, gamification, motivation, engagement.

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Jocelyn W. Dao-ines, Melody G. Dionisio, Marjorie M. Wacnag, Precious D. Wandali, and Jovy C. Bag-ay (2024), Leveling Up Learning: The Impact of Gamification on Learners’ Motivation and Engagement. Multidisciplinary International Journal of Research and Development (MIJRD), Volume: 03 Issue: 05, Pages: 12-19. https://www.mijrd.com/papers/v3/i5/MIJRDV3I50002.pdf