Please read the instructions given below:

  • The manuscript/paper must be original and should not have been published before anywhere like a journal or blog website.
  • Authors should prepare their manuscript according to MIJRD’s Manuscript format.
  • The manuscript should be written in the English language using MS-Word (.doc or .docx format only).
  • Cambria” font should be used for headings and text in the manuscript.
  • Maximum 10 pages are allowed in the manuscript, additional pages will be charged according to $5 USD/page.
  • A maximum of 5 authors are allowed in the manuscript, additional authors will be charged according to $10 USD/author.
  • Include Index terms or Keywords are to be involved in the abstract.
  • Authors need to sign the MIJRD’s copyright transfer form, once the manuscript is accepted.
  • After the submission of the copyright form and processing fee receipt, the manuscript/paper will be published within 48 hours.

What does mean of research paper publication?

  • If you’re a researcher, chances are you’ve considered publishing a research paper. But what exactly is a research paper? And how can you go about writing one?
  • A research paper is a formal academic document that presents research on a topic. It’s typically longer and more detailed than a review paper, which is a shorter, more summarizing document. Writing a research paper can be a daunting task, but if you break it down into smaller steps, it becomes much more manageable.
  • The first step is to choose a topic. Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to do some research and narrow down your focus. Then, you’ll start writing the paper, including an introduction, body, and conclusion. Finally, you’ll revise and edit your paper to make sure it’s perfect.
  • If you follow these steps, you’ll be well on your way to writing a great research paper!

How can I increase the citation of published papers?

  • If you’re looking to increase the citation of your paper, there are a few things you can do. First, make sure that your paper is of high quality and is well-researched. A well-written and well-researched paper are more likely to be cited by other researchers.
  • Second, submit your paper to high-quality journals like MIJRD. Journals that are highly selective and have a good reputation are more likely to result in higher citation rates for your paper.
  • Finally, promote your paper through social media and other channels. Getting your paper out there and making it visible to potential readers will increase the chances that it will be cited.
  • By following these tips, you can increase the citation rate of your paper and make sure that it reaches a wide audience.