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This study aimed to look into the leadership practices, empowerment, and educational adequacy of public elementary school teachers in Region XI regarding workplace spirituality. Likewise, it also probed the relationship among the involved variables. Moreover, it investigated the variable that best predicts workplace spirituality and the best fitting structural model on workplace spirituality. The quantitative study utilizes a descriptive-correlational technique through structural equation modeling, mean, Pearson r, and regression analysis. An adapted and validated questionnaire was designed and distributed face-to-face and via Google Form to 400 random respondents using the stratified sampling technique. Findings revealed that, overall, the level of exogenous variables were described as very high and indicated a significant relationship with workplace spirituality. Moreover, the most sparing model (Best fit Model), conveyed a new idea that the endogenous variable, workplace spirituality was significantly best anchored leadership practices which was grounded in terms of encouraging the heart, model the way, enable other to act, and inspired a shared vision, and was highly reinforced by workplace spirituality of public secondary school teachers defined by its indicators: compassion, mindfulness, meaningful work, and transcendence and further significantly strengthened by third exogenous variable, educational adequacy, which was outlined by its domains: academic learning space, specialized learning space, support space, and community/parent. In conclusion, the final model depicted the direct causal relationships of leadership practices, empowerment, and educational adequacy and was discovered to be the most effective model for the workplace spirituality of public elementary school teachers.

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education, educational adequacy, empowerment, leadership practices, Philippines, structural equation model, workplace spirituality.

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Lulibeth T. Vidal and Rinante Ginuba (2022), Leadership Practices, Empowerment, and Educational Adequacy: A Causal Model on Workplace Spirituality of Public Elementary School Teachers. Multidisciplinary International Journal of Research and Development (MIJRD), Volume: 02 Issue: 01, Pages: 42-60. https://www.mijrd.com/papers/v2/i1/MIJRDV2I10005.pdf