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This paper will enumerate the aptness of Literature in essence to Horace being the ancient Roman writer and philosopher has given a work of lyric and the poetry to a satirical continuation in regards how it influenced the contemporary literature in his writings. This paper would especially recreate the collections of his words and satires that had lasted an ever-aging impact of Western literature which inspired every writer of any age immemorial towards the aptness of contemporary persistence. The theme will enable how Horace had dropped about Universal themes that worked to explore any kind of relationship be it love or friendship or morality towards Human Condition. His works are resonated in this paper that held the readers over the time and period of culture with even more strong connection in contemporary inspiration that has timeless amalgamation of modern and insightful ideas of vociferous readers of today's reclusive mind. His famous form of wit and satire led to the mastery of ability to enjoy the employment of humour in writings and thereafter became very significant in influencing the satirical literature of contemporary and commercial critiqued world, which includes with the social and political balances. This paper holds the literature review on other authors like Quintus Horatius Flaccus, Helen Vendler, A.E. Housman, T.S. Eliot and various others observing the sharp irony in qualitative way of measuring the writing style that even meant for the social commentary reads over the inspirations that he used as a technical form of structure. While with an expected conclusion this paper tends to analyse how he was better known for his skilful understanding of poetic structure particularly for the “Ode’s” that employed multiple materialistic and metrical patterns over the verses. Furthermore, it delved into the factors that led to the out Carpe Diem to form the rhythm and musicality in the poetry influencing contemporary poet’s experiences, on the forms of different meters that master the techniques of Horace’s poetic solves, with the guidance to the artistic expression. Thus, leading to the verses on He's ideologies that even reflected the philosophical insights of life with both happiness and with the virtues that are deeply rooted in stoicism emphasizing the importance of how to live with a balanced of moderation in the life to draw the philosophical insights.

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Literature, Linguistics, Satire and Contemplation, Poetic mystery.

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