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Sports have permeated the Nigerian society just as it has in many other societies worldwide. In Nigeria most colleges of education and other tertiary institutions are not active in sports due to poor facilities, equipment, motivation, and attitude of the public based on religious and cultural beliefs. The study compared and analyzed some predictors of student participation in North central zone of Nigeria. The study adopted non – experimental research design (ex – post facto), and descriptive survey method. The sample for the study comprised of three hundred and thirty-two (332) students randomly selected from eight (8) public colleges of education in the North Central Zone of Nigeria. A self-structured instrument (CAPSPSQ) with four modified likert scale type, with r=n 0.832 was used for the study, while six research questions were answered, six hypotheses were tested. The findings showed significance difference in participation in sports based on sex or gender, parental influence, equipment or suppliers, students lecture schedule, peer group pressure and student’s accommodation. The researchers concluded that gender, peer group influence, and equipment or suppliers significantly predicts students’ participation in sports, while parental influence, lectures schedules and off-campus accommodation does not significantly predict students’ participation in sports in colleges of education in North Central Zone of Nigeria. The researchers recommended among others the need to motivate students to participate in sports by the provisions of adequate facilities, equipment, and suppliers in their various schools, encouraging female students to participate in sports, and provisions of acceptable colleges of education policies on sports participation and the need to keep fit at all time.

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predictors, gender, peer group, participation, sports.

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Jimoh Femi Olatunji, Mininko Alhaji Mohammed, Babako Maiyaki, and Igba Emmanuel Igba (2022), Comparative Analysis of Predictors of Students Participation in Sports in Colleges of Education in North Central Zone of Nigeria. Multidisciplinary International Journal of Research and Development (MIJRD), Volume: 01 Issue: 05, Pages: 54-67. https://www.mijrd.com/papers/v1/i5/MIJRDV1I50007.pdf