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The purpose of this research was to discover which model better matched the political abilities of public secondary school teachers. The structural equation model (SEM) was utilized in this investigation using a sample of 438 respondents. Data were obtained from respondents by e-survey utilizing sets of modified survey questions that were evaluated for content validity and reliability. This study employed a quantitative descriptive, and causal research design. The mean, standard deviation, Pearson product-moment correlation, Multiple Regression, and Structural Equation Modelling were all used as statistical tools in the study. The findings demonstrate a high degree of emotional maturity, a high level of work inventive behavior, a high level of organizational dedication, and a high level of political competence. Furthermore, there was a strong link between these characteristics. Workplace innovation and emotional maturity were both strong indicators of political skills. Model 5 best suits the political skills of school teachers in Region XI-Davao Region among the five (5) created models. It is the most frugal model since it passes all of the reasonable fit conventions.

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emotional maturity, work innovative behaviour, organizational commitment, poltical skills public school teachers, Davao Regional.

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Jude Constantine S. Jaugan and Rinante L. Genuba (2023), A Causal Model on Political Skills of Public Secondary School Teachers. Multidisciplinary International Journal of Research and Development (MIJRD), Volume: 02 Issue: 03, Pages: 01-29. https://www.mijrd.com/papers/v2/i3/MIJRDV2I30001.pdf