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Developing the ideals of national law during globalization that discusses issues of power, ethics, morals, and justice become the mainstream in Indonesian law. The transcendental dimension of thought has recently attracted the initiators of scientific thought because it is an alternative thinking offer in the future amid the positivistic dialectic of rationalist understanding and is no longer able to overcome life's problems to achieve justice. Based on this, the focus of the discussion in this paper is to provide an idea for the implementation of the value of spiritual intelligence in developing a transcendental dimension of legal ideals. The implementation of these values in developing a transcendental dimension of national legal ideals is contained in the Q.S. Al-Maidah [5]: 8) reads “Be just! That is closer to righteousness”. The meaning of justice here comes from the value of spiritual intelligence. The implementation of these values in creating a transcendental dimension of legal ideals in Indonesia is inseparable from the basic principles of the state ideology, namely Pancasila.

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Legal thought, transcendental law, spiritual intelligence value.

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Ahmad Setiawan and Absori (2022), Transcendental Dimension of National Legal Thought: Implementation of Spiritual Intelligence. Multidisciplinary International Journal of Research and Development (MIJRD), Volume: 01 Issue: 03, Pages: 20-25. https://www.mijrd.com/papers/v1/i3/MIJRDV1I30003.pdf