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This study identified the perception of Filipino parents on the implementation of the proposed mandatory Reserve Officers' Training Corps and its impact on the country's disaster preparedness. A quantitative approach and correlational design were utilized in the study. This approach and design are appropriate for the study's objective to forecast variables related to the perception of the proposed mandatory Reserve Officers' Training Corps and the impact on the country's preparedness for disaster of Reserve Officers' Training Corps. The data for this study was gathered from parents in the City of Manila. The study found that most respondents were female and aged above 55, with high school graduates being the largest group. Nearly half had other jobs, with a low monthly income between ₱9,100 to ₱18,200. Most chose yes due to their involvement in CAT, ROTC, or the military. Most respondents perceive a positive effect on their well-being from their experience with the mandatory Reserve Officers' Training Corps role, agreeing that it impacts a country's disaster preparedness. Parents' perception of the mandatory Reserve Officers' Training Corps is influenced by their experiences with CAT, ROTC, or the military. Demographic profiles of respondents show no significant differences, except for those who have had negative experiences. Parents' opinions on mandatory ROTC and its role are significantly related. The researchers suggest that this study can provide parents with informative insights to shape their own opinions on the subject. Citizens can refer to it to decide if they support mandatory ROTC implementation as a patriotic measure or perceive it as militarization. It provides useful ideas for forming their opinions on the amendment. As the intended group, they will be notified about potential military training and services. The government should consider parents' ideas for ROTC members. This study will identify factors influencing parents' decisions on the proposed plan for their kids. It will help the government understand reasons behind the delay in implementing the Reserve Officers' Training Corps, aiding informed decision-making. ROTC is mandatory for all students and serves as a resource for CHED officials to assess students' readiness and familiarity with the program. Future researchers lacking data on how ROTC impacts disaster response recommend conducting a similar study to foster development. This study can also be used as a data source for future studies.

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Disaster Preparedness, Military, Perception of Filipino Parents, Reserve Officers' Training Corps.

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Eloisa Jane P. Candaza, Angelo D. Rodriguez, Donna Marie P. Sangel, and Kyle Geoffrey F. Uy (2024), Perception of Filipino Parents on the Proposed Mandatory Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) and Its Impact to Country’s Disaster Preparedness. Multidisciplinary International Journal of Research and Development (MIJRD), Volume: 03 Issue: 03, Pages: 206-228. https://www.mijrd.com/papers/v3/i3/MIJRDV3I30015.pdf