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Research concerning the media’s effect on the body image of women and adolescent girls is abundant; however, a majority of the studies conducted relate to exposure to print media. Mass media outlets are no longer the main source of exposure to what are considered “ideal” body images for women. Social media disseminated through social networking sites (Myspace, Facebook), microblogs (Tumblr & X, formerly Twitter) and photo and video sharing applications (Snapchat, TikTok & Instagram) are quickly replacing conventional mass media usage among women. The purpose of this study was to gather baseline information on the effects of social media on women’s body image to start to answer the larger question of: How do photos posted on Instagram, a mobile web-based photo and video sharing social networking service, influence women in terms of their body image, self-esteem and appearance?

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Body Image, Instagram, Self-Esteem, Social Media.

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Samii Kennedy Benson (2023), Is What I See Me? The Influence of Instagram Use on Women’s Body Image. Multidisciplinary International Journal of Research and Development (MIJRD), Volume: 03 Issue: 01, Pages: 01-07. https://www.mijrd.com/papers/v3/i1/MIJRDV3I10001.pdf