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The feminist literary movement that has been advocated as feminist movement on the parlance of political, social and economic rights, which explains how women can enjoy the power equally with that of men is the question of derived basic social legal rights and the patriarchal order that to be the remaining into a social construct, with the fact that it gets spoken about the masculinity that is desired and enacted whereas in Indian literature, feminism commonly conceived the overtop conception of subtly handling the restricted circumstances. With the advancement of such a strong word accepted in India, setting outside it gives the political and social scenario to have perhaps a massive work that is to be accomplished in Indian literature. The Western education significantly, came up with the advent of the colonialism during the assurance of British Empire, the reformist movement and also the world institutional promotion that the freedom movement began with the post-independence India where education to one was merely not commenced to emerge them as an educated inculcation rather the invent individuality of the aroused interest and today's contemporary Indian English Novelist, and seen having a masses of the theme of feminism and the readers are actually getting them into the education society where womanhood politics along with the gendered complexity being exponential to the connotation of Indian Literature of Feminism.

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Feminism, Gender Bias, Literature and Diaspora

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Srija Chakraborty (2023), Feminism as a Connotation of Indian Literature. Multidisciplinary International Journal of Research and Development (MIJRD), Volume: 02 Issue: 05, Pages: 21-25. https://www.mijrd.com/papers/v2/i5/MIJRDV2I50002.pdf